Pathology Lab

Laboratory is well-equipped with sophisticated & fully automated state of the art analyzers, to ensure quality reports.





  • Vitros 5600 integrated system ( Dry Chemistry analyser ) from Johnson and Johnson ( Ortho clinical diagnostics )
  • Abbott Architect i 2000 SR fully automated chemiluminescence system.
  • Johnson and Johnson Eci for hormone assay.
  • Clinical chemistry Johnson and Johnson – Vitros 450.
  • Bio-Rad D-10 Glycosylated HbA1c analyzer.




      1. VITROS® 5600 Integrated System for Chemistry & Immuno diagnostics by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics .

A high –Capacity system that integrates and provides a comprehensive Clinical Chemistry and Immuno Assay testing menu on one platform using innovative Sample Centered Processing. Designed to help efficiently consolidate critical testing to deliver high quality and timely results to the physicians and patients.


     2. ARCHITECT i2000SR - Immunoassay System by  ABOOTT .

This equipment  is built on the concept of intelligent integration. Intelligent Integration is derived from four fundamental principles of Modularity, Flexibility, Scalability, and Commonality. Modularity will offer the ability to combine multiple instruments and technologies into a single consolidated workstation. Flexibility will allow the user to integrate different technologies to lab automation configurations and existing lab information systems. Scalability will customize instrument solutions to meet the user's menu and throughput needs.

Together, these principles will bring the first user-designed diagnostic systems to the laboratory. This system will deliver high quality immunoassays using chemiluminescence detection technology with flexible protocols, commonly referred to as Chemiflex.


     3. Automated HPLC System , D-10 by Biorad

The D-10 is a fully-automated system that combines both diabetes monitoring and β-thalassemia testing on a single platform. Programs for rapid HbA1c and HbA2/F/A1c are only a touchscreen away and can easily be integrated into the current laboratory workflow.

This compact platform allows for maximum performance in minimum space. The D-10 high-performance liquid chromatography system sets a new standard of performance for comprehensive hemoglobin testing.


     4. The Marilyzer - Auto Quant Biochemistry Analyzer

This Equipment shall give a bench top model for routine clinical chemistry test.  It is a user friendly equipment which can perform tests using single probe.


      5. ST-200 CL Electrolyte Analyzer

Fully automated electrolyte analyzer which can perform Sodium, Chloride and Potassium levels.



Department of hematology is unique in having 5 part differential counters supported by excellent team of haematopathologists. All routine and specialized haematology tests are being conducted with very high precision. To increase the accuracy every abnormal counter values are checked using smear examinations by haematopathologist. Shortened turn around time is achieved by advanced technologies in terms of ESR estimation and complete preanalytical and analytical automation.

With autoloader and closed tube sampling functions, BC-5380 can safety and convenience. Its design, powerful software, user friendly operation. High performance, cost efficiency and dynamic report format ensure end user satisfaction.



1)            Electrical Impedance method.

2)            Advanced Flow Cytometry,

3)            Laser Scatter light.

4)            Chemical Dye method.

All these main-stream technologies are combined together in flat form to assure accuracy and consistency of test results.

Special Features:

  1. 5-part differentiation of WBC, 27 parameters, 1scattergram and 3 histograms.
  2. Semi-conductor Laser Scatter Combined with Chemical Dye Method, Advanced Flow
  3. Only 20ul Sampling Volume.
  4. Up to 60 Samples per hour.
  5. 2 Counting modes Whole blood and Pre-diluted.
  6. Capability to flag abnormal samples.
  7. Large storage capacity: up to 40,000 Samples.

Dymind 5 Part Differential Counter

This equipment provides backup support to the above haemotology analyzer. This is also fully automated 5 parts differential counter.





1. Automated blood cultural system - BACTEC 9050 by BD

  • BACTEC 9050 is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in Blood and body fluids.
  • BACTEC saves time, facilitates cross-training and helps to prevent errors. This system offers immediate bottle recognition, bottle loading and unloading and virtually eliminating bottle handling errors during microbial detection testing. The system's automatic, built-in quality control, along with a low false positive rate and a rapid response time of this system gives greater accuracy.
  • The latest generation of BACTEC 9050 Culture Media brings the most advanced, innovative microbial growth and detection technology. BACTEC 9050 media provide unsurpassed performance, in the detection of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

2. VITEK 2 compact

  • The VITEK® 2 compact system offers Advance ColorimetricTM technology. That allows for the identification of 98% of clinical isolates.
  • The VITEK® 2 compact system is a fully automated system that performs bacterial identification by biochemical analysis.
  • This system is highly automated and allows for the rapid, accurate identification of some bacterial strains in as little as two hours. In addition to being able to identify bacteria, the VITEK® 2 compact system is able to identify multiple species of yeast.

The department of microbiology is headed by qualified MD microbiologist.  Stringent quality control measures are undertaken to ensure quality of reports.


Equipments and Facilities

   1)  Leica TP1020 Semi-enclosed Benchtop Tissue Processor.


  • This tissue processor is used to prepare tissue samples for analysis by fixing, staining, dehydrating or decalcifying them. The processors are mostly single unit devices that can accommodate a variety of processing techniques to suit the different needs of the laboratory, therefore improving the efficiency of tissue processing.
  • The Leica TP1020 is an automatic tissue processor that perfectly combines approved technology with modern, user-friendly design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety for tissue at all stages of the processing run, robust engineering design based on innovative precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface.
  • Easy to program, this instrument offers the user utmost flexibility to suit the individual requirements of laboratory.

   2) Leica RM2255 rotary microtome.


  • Designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, the Leica RM2255 supports a broad spectrum of applications in quality section cutting.
  • Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides reproducible high-quality sections.

   3) Micro Photography

  • Isha is equipped with trinocular microscope with image capturing facility.
  • The micro photographs are given along with histopathology and cytology reports.

   4) Grossing Station

  • Grossing Station enables smooth workflow for grossing of specimens.
  • Specimens/block preservationis are done as per NABL protocol.