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Time to time mankind will be attacked by many viruses such as SARS, MERS, COVID and their mutants. Medicines to treat Covid 19 or the vaccines, will take along time, may be years. All these viruses are week organisms, produce cold/cough and we need not worry. However, low body immunity will result in failure of organs like Lung, Liver, Heart, Kidney. Such patients need life support measures such as ventilators and the outcome are not good. Be confident and strengthen the natural healing. Our goals are:

  1. Prevent airborne virus from entering the mucosal surfaces of the body ( T Zone)
  2. Expel the Virus lodged in the mucosal surfaces, especially Nasopharynx.
  3. Prevent the virus in the mucosal surfaces from penetrating deeper tissues.
  4. Prevent lung collapse by enhancing the Vital Capacity of the lungs.
  5. Enhance the immunity to fight the virus infection.


  1. OIL: Corona is a virus particle having genetic core surrounded by protein coat. Oil forms a layer over the tissue surfaces and will not allow the virus to penetrate the tissues. Coconut Oil will with large concentration of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) including lauric acid (LA) and its monoglyceride form, monolaurin have strong antiviral properties(Ref: 1). Unlike chemical sanitizers, oil keeps the skin healthy.

Nasya: is the method of protecting the entry of virus through the T zone; Eyes, Nose and oral cavity. With little finger dipped in warm oil and smeared well, lubricate the nostrils and ears (Ref: 2). Smear the eyes with warm ghee, or fresh oil (apply like eye liner or kajal with little finger dipped in ghee, be careful that the oil is without preservatives/ chemicals). Like the armors of a warrior, this method will block all the holes through which virus enters. Do this especially before you go out of the house.

  1. Heat: Protein components of the viral coat melt by heat. Throat is the first site of viral multiplication, where it thrives for at least for 6 -24 hours and frequent cleaning of the throat with hot water is very important (Ref 3). It should be done at least twice: a. early morning to eliminate the viruses grown overnight; b. soon after entering the house. Gargle with hot water at least 5-6 times. Keep sipping hot water; it should slowly trickle through the throat. You can drink that water, if few viral particles enter the gut, it will help in developing immunity. Mild diarrhea is an indicator of developing immunity against the virus. The temperature of the water should be more than warm water, but tolerable. Hot water gargling or steam inhalation as frequently as possible, at least once in 6 hours are best methods to fight the virus in the throat.
  2. Food: Eat only when you are hungry/regulate your quantity so that you feel hungry at the right time. Skip night meal during lock down at least once a week. This is also called as intermittent fasting (Ref 4, Technique). It preserves the digestive energy to fight the virus and protects you from gaining weight. Remember your best police guard is your digestive fire (Agni), which burns down the trespassers immediately! Stop snacking mindlessly! Make sure your food is hot, avoid cold food. Use the fridge to preserve fresh food and not for cooked food. Any cooked and refrigerated food should be avoided. Since you are at home, learn and practice cooking fresh food as much as possible.
  3. Herbal Tea: Herbal tea made of Tea powder, and crushed small piece of ginger, 4-5 pepper seeds, 2-3 clove, turmeric, jaggary (brown sugar) for taste. (Ref 5, Technique). These have antiviral actions (Ref 6).
  4. Exercise: Keep doing house hold work especially sweeping, cleaning, washing and cooking. This is much better than nonproductive exercise like jogging within the house. Purposeless or nonproductive exercise produces sweat and adrenaline. House hold work is productive, purposeful. It stimulates the body to secrete many good hormones like Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin apart from sweat. You and your family members will feel very good after this work and the good hormones secreted will protect you from illness.
  5. Enhance Immunity through Pranayama and Meditation: are the two best things one can learn and do during the lock down period to enhance the immunity and lung capacity. Start with: a. Simhasana or Lion Pose (forceful expiration through mouth along with protruding the tongue); b. Kapalabhati (forceful expiration through nostrils by contracting the abdominal muscles), both will drive microorganisms out through the mouth and nose. C. Bhastrika (Deep inhalation with complete chest expansion). During usual respiration the air volume is 500 ml where as in deep inspiration and expiration pranayama it increases up to 4500 ml. These will strengthen and enhance the vital capacity of lungs, act like positive pressure ventilation (Ref: 7, Technique). Start with 10 minutes two times a day and increase it to as much as you like.

DAILY Routine:

  1. Get up early, drink water (keep 500-750 ml hot water near the bed), start doing yogic squats also called super brain yoga (ref: 8, technique) till you get the urge to go to the toilet, finish toilet job, go to the kitchen for hot water gargle or steam inhalation, finish house hold work, Finish oil bath (30 min), Pranayama (10 min), Hot food Breakfast and hot tea (Herbal).
  2. If you are going out smear the nose, ears with oil, eyes with ghee. Carry hot water with you for regular sipping.
  3. At work use only one hand for touching objects and do not touch face with that hand, do not take it above the shoulder without washing.
  4. Wash hands nicely with soap and water, gargle with hot water. Drink herbal tea.
  5. Yogasana & Pranayama for 30 minutes/ day and start evening work.

Dr. Balakrishna Shetty, MD



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