Our Beginning

ISHA Diagnostic Laboratory is a premier clinical reference pathology laboratory in the heart of Bangalore setting up standards in laboratory medicine. It is known for pioneering the introduction of new tests, maximizing the quality of testing with the state of the art technology and transferring academic knowledge to practice of evidence based medicine.

Our aim has been to provide the best customer delight full laboratory services by using integrated system. Constant upgradation of equipment, introduction of newer diagnostic parameters, automation and strict quality assurance discipline were followed as per the National and International guidelines.

ISHA Diagnostic Centre has grown to be a proven model of healthcare services that meets and exceeds the expectations of its clients. Over the years, it has established strong relationships with patients, doctors, hospitals and clients and provides outstanding customer service. Our healthcare model provides quality services, innovation and testing capabilities that is unique to the healthcare industry thereby making costs affordable to the patients.

ISHA Diagnostic Centre has collaborated with several hospital based laboratories to provide technical support thereby improving the quality of Pathology services and thus serving mankind. We strive to be the best at what we do the both as a company and as individuals. We provide growth opportunities for our employees, quality services and new tests to our customers.

Our Strengths

  • Commitment to quality
  • Credibility in the test results
  • Integrity in the diagnostic services
  • Constant innovation in the diagnostic practice
  • Managed and under continuous supervision of doctors of international repute

Support Services

  • Updated and latest standardized machineries from leading equipment dealers
  • Ensuring clinician satisfaction through constant innovation
  • Robust software with laboratory information system supporting the patient care

Quality Assurance Plan

  • The core principle of Isha Diagnostic Centre is the continuous improvement of Quality standards specified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).
  • The lab also follows the all Good Lab Practices (GLP) as specified in the CLSI (NCCLS) guidelines.
  • Stringent quality control programmes are adopted in all operations in the workflow like Pre analytical, Analytical and Post Analytical.
  • Quality management system focuses on continuous quality improvement which is measured by customer satisfaction and feedback.
  • Efficiency of the Quality System are reinforced through scheduled internal audits and continuous Quality performance monitoring.
  • Liaison with structured quality assurance programmes with national institutes.

Internal Quality Control Plan

  • All tests at ISHA are conducted in strict accordance with standard protocols complying with NABL guidelines to verify the accuracy and reliability of our test results.
  • This is accomplished by running Internal Quality Control samples every day at pre-determined intervals before commencement of testing of patient/client samples.
  • The internal proficiency testing program is also used to verify the comparability of test results when testing is performed using different methodologies/instruments or at different testing sites.
  • Inter laboratory checks are performed in all the discipline by sharing split samples with suitable accredited laboratories.

Quality Improvement Programs

  • ISHA Diagnostic Centre encourages innovative thinking and promotes high performance in its part of daily operations. Continuous improvement is a continuous process which to a certain extent uses Lean Principles and a systematic approach to analyze the flow of information and materials in order to eliminate waste, process variation and imbalance in work areas.
  • The best demonstration of Quality and Customer satisfaction is our high client base and retention rate. The Client satisfaction is documented and monitored on regular basis. The Quality indicators are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance to set standards.
  • The centre has a systematic program for defining, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the services of the Diagnostic laboratory.

External Quality Control and Proficiency Testing Programs

  • ISHA Diagnostic Laboratory participates in a number of EQAS programs to confirm, monitor and establish accuracy of test results consistent with those of other laboratories using the same method. The laboratory includes the PT samples along with patient samples in the usual assay process.
  • The Pre-analytical, Analytical & Post Analytical variables are monitored and statistically compared on regular basis.
  • We routinely audit our own performance by trained auditors by NABL and constantly strive to improve on our ability to provide the best services to our patients.
  • Our ISHA Quality Management section participates in these audits and helps to ensure they are conducted in such a way that ISHA capitalizes on every chance possible to improve its clinical and operational performance.

Logistics services

  • To insure specimen integrity and fastest TAT, ISHA runs an efficient courier service with skilled, well trained and experienced logistic personnel, who provide support in specimen pickup, distribution of supplies and test reports.
  • The logistic team utilizes specially designed transport boxes to maintain sample stability at the recommended transport temperature.
  • ISHA reports are also provided online to its clients with customized user ID and password.

Customer Care Services

  • The well qualified Customer support representatives are available 7 days a week [Mon to Sat 7 am to 9 pm & Sunday 7 am to 4pm] to effectively handle test, report, billing & logistic enquires.
  • In addition they also deal with very important activities pertaining to customer complaints & customer satisfaction assessment.
  • The technical support team head will be going to provide interpretive information whenever customer is required.

Critical/Panic Values Notifications Policy

  • A critical value is defined as a value that presents a patho- physiological state at such variance with normal or expected values that it is considered life threatening unless a corrective action is undertaken. Critical values do not necessarily correspond with normal reference ranges, toxic range or therapeutic ranges but are based on a level at which medical decision/action is considered necessary.
  • All possible critical value limits are informed within 15 minutes to the concerned client/treating physician and the communication is recorded as per NABL guidelines.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

  • The most meaningful & quantifiable measures in healthcare are accuracy and speed of diagnosis.
  • ISHA is committed to, provide the fastest turnaround time possible to improve patient management. The laboratory monitors the TAT stringently and evaluates areas for improvement on daily basis.
  • Laboratory is well-equipped with sophisticated & fully automated state of the art analysers, which eliminate the chance of any human error.
  • Following advanced facilities shall help in faster TAT at ISHA Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Sample bar coding.
    • Auto bidirectional interface.
    • Auto dilution/Reflex testing.
    • Auto SMS alert
    • Auto Mail Report Facility

Home Collection Facility Services

  • To facilitate patient convenience well trained, skilled & efficient home collection team is available on appointment.
  • Our experienced phlebotomists will be a call away from you for comfortable home services
  • Contact us at 9479 434343/080 2356 2060

Holiday Coverage

  • ISHA diagnostic Laboratory is open 24×7, in all 365 days a year including on Sunday and other holidays to meet emergency requirements with support from radiology team for quick diagnostic help.